“Unlock Your Ultimate Shoulders: The Perfect Workout Plan for Beginners!”

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Written By Nick Johns

To get big and defined shoulders, you need an intelligent workout plan. Usually, people start with heavy shoulder presses and then focus on each part of the shoulder using specific exercises. But here’s a more intense approach:

  1. Focus on Each Shoulder Part:
  • Begin with two extensive shoulder exercises.
  • Then, do two exercises for the specific part of the shoulder you want to target. For example, Workout No. 1 targets the front of the shoulder, No. 2 targets the middle, and No. 3 targets the back.
  1. Specific Moves:
  • Start with a heavier weight than usual and do three sets of eight reps for the targeted area.
  • Follow this with a machine exercise where you push the weight; you don’t have to worry about balancing it.
  • For the machine exercise, do drop sets: reduce the weight quickly after reaching muscle failure.
  1. Complete the Routine:
  • Finish by doing exercises for the remaining parts of your shoulders, doing straight sets.
  • Remember, choose weights that challenge you within the suggested rep range.
  • Warm up with 1-2 sets before you start. Do as many as you need to feel ready.
  • For the second exercise targeting a specific shoulder area, use drop sets. Lower the weight after reaching muscle failure quickly.

Lastly, remember to switch up your shoulder workouts in the future. Soon, you might need even more advanced programs to keep challenging yourself. Stay dedicated!

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